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Our philosophy is Client Focused and Results Driven

This is the driving force behind achieving and creating “A Client for Life” mindset. We focus solely on our clients, their needs and savings, which in turn allows us to provide results more efficiently and effectively without sacrificing the value of FULL SERVICE to our clients.  

We Value Cooperative Relationships

At Home EQUITY Realty Group, we value our cooperative relationships with buyers agents and their clients. Their clients are purchasing your home – and we know you understand this concept.

Our affordable full-service Listing Commission starts at 1.75% for our sellers, and gives you the power to choose what to offer in a cooperative commission to a buyer’s agent. You can sell your home for as low as 3.25% total commission! *

At Home EQUITY Realty Group, we value our cooperative relationships with buyers agents and their clients. Their clients are purchasing your home – and we know you understand this concept.

* Terms and Conditions apply.

At Home EQUITY Realty Group, it is our Brokerage policy not to list properties that do not offer a cooperative commission to the Buyer’s Broker. If you are a Buyer’s Agent or Broker inquiring about the cooperative commission offered by our sellers on one of our listings, please click the link below for a copy of our commission letter or reach out to the listing agent for the cooperative-commission being offered by the seller.

Our goal is right in our name

YOU keep as much of your EQUITY as possible!

We are NOT a discount brokerage. We are a 100%  FULL-SERVICE REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE – YOU CHOOSE what to offer the buyer’s agent in cooperative commission!

A System of Values Designed to Save You Money

At Home EQUITY Realty Group, we operate within a core value system. These values were established by the founders of our Brokerage and are practiced everyday in an unwavering commitment, by our leadership, agents and preferred vendors. Utilizing our core systems affords us the ability to streamline our operation and overhead, which allows us to pass our savings on to our clients. 

WE are Home EQUITY Realty Group!

Our 6 Core Values Are:


We take our Ethics seriously by putting our clients best interest first and our pocket last throughout each and every transaction we represent. Further, we are always 100% transparent with our fees and commission – we NEVER use bait and switch tactics or charge more for our services regardless of the price point of your home! We do what others do, we just do it for much less – and our clients benefit from it! You will never sacrifice quality or dedication, but you WILL save valuable dollars and EQUITY! We always represent our clients to the fullest and highest standards of the industry.

The definition of Integrity is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. At Home EQUITY Realty Group, choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them. We believe Morals, Ethics and Honesty are the Keys to succeed in business, AND life in general. Our Integrity runs deep! Just like we will never sacrifice our duty and service to our clients, we will NEVER sacrifice our INTEGRITY. 

At Home EQUITY Realty Group, accountability starts at the TOP! Our leadership practices every day what they preach, and they require each of our agents to do the same! We are accountable to our clients, our community, and our industry and we strive to be the Brokerage and agents that our clients and other agents alike want to work with. It is in our clients’ best interest to utilize a “cooperative mindset” when representing them. After all, their clients are purchasing your home – and we know you understand this concept as well!

When you list your home with Home EQUITY Realty Group, our streamlined program saves you thousands of dollars in commission compared to our competitors. We don’t treat the EQUITY in your home like an ATM! 

We are NOT a discount brokerage, we operate much more efficiently than our competitors and we believe in passing that savings on to you, our client – you will  still receive 100% FULL-SERVICE with Home EQUITY Realty Group.

With Home EQUITY Realty Group, you pay a Residential Listing Commission starting low as 1.75%, and you choose what to offer in a cooperative commission to the buyer’s agent which is usually between 1.5% – 3% of final sale price plus any Brokerage fees.

A cooperative sale happens when two different Brokerages represent their clients in one transaction. The buyer is introduced to a property and represented by a buyer’s agent. The listing agent represents the seller. Both agents work together in “Cooperation” while representing their client to achieve the sale of your property.

Our cooperative approach and process not only fosters a wider network of exposure, but also encourages other agents to collaborate with us and show your home to their buyers which helps to ensure your listing reaches the widest audience of potential buyers. By prioritizing the best interests of our clients. Home EQUITY Realty Group maximizes your home’s potential to sell quickly!

We market all listings in the MLS, Social Media and over 200+ online home sale sites such as Zillow and Realtor.com

Our value proposition is in our systems! We have streamlined our processes and systems which in turn allows us to operate more efficiently and allows us to pass those savings on to our clients without sacrificing service!  We are a “Transactional Brokerage” and do not nickel and dime our clients or agents over commission. We are a 100%  FULL-SERVICE REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE – We offer the same great service as our competitors, but with value pricing to our clients!

Interested in career opportunities? We are committed to your success!

Unlike most of our competitors, our goal and commitment is to allow our agents to keep as much of their hard-earned commission as possible.

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